August 05, 2007

New Lead on Thomas P. Brannon

Been silent for a while due to other pressing commitments. However,
I have recently found an interesting lead for my family.
The connection between my direct ancestor Thomas P. Brannon, married
to Lydia Wilson, and his 'father' William Wrighter or Wrighter
William or whatever, was never well-established. In the 1860 Calhoun
County, WV, Census, it is clearly stated that Thomas P. was born in
Westmoreland County, PA! I had never seen that fact before!
However, what it means is what I have long suspected: most probably,
my line of Brannons may well indeed NOT descend from Caron Branan.
I hope to find time to research PA records online today, so will
inform you of anything interesting I find there.


  1. Hello, I come from Western Maryland Brannons, and there is much mystery in our origins, although I don't think they go as far back in American as yours! Please contact me, I would love to share information. My email is egolshani(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  2. Hi Dena,
    My Brannon Family here in WV do have American Indian Ancestry. E-mail me and I will send u My site that I am doing for my grandson. I can scann u some info that was written by family members,
    Carrie L Lee

  3. Carrie, I hope you get this comment! You asked me to email you, but you did not give me your email address. Please email me instead at dena(at)denacrain(dot)com. I would love to see what information you have re Native American ancestry! Thanks!