July 11, 2009

Brannon Family Update

I just updated my Brannon family information on my Rootsweb WorldConnect site. At long last, we are gaining some ground on whence came William Wrighter Brannon. DNA documentation supplied by Gina K. proved that our line is not descended from Caron Branan. Until any new information appears, I'm linking the family to Thomas Branen of Maryland.

Stay tuned, though - there's some very exciting stuff in the works. A distant relative has recently contacted me with pretty substantial documentation about Native American ancestry in the family. I'll report on that as soon as I feel it is appropriate.

In the meantime, I would appreciate it if all you Brannon researchers would have a look at my family tree and let me know if you find any errors. I expect there will be some, but I do not have time at the moment to labor through the whole thing.

Happy exploring!


  1. Hi Dena,

    My dad is James Gavin Embry I. His DNA listed under the Cumberland Gap group on Family Tree DNA. I believe our lines intersect? I saw the post for Richard Pack on his Embrys but could not complete the link.

    Ciao cuz!
    Giselle Embry in Escondido, CA

  2. How do they intersect, Giselle? So you're connected to the Ingrams, yes? Great! What else can you share?

  3. Hi Dena!
    I was researching my family (The Brannon's) and came across your blog. I've skimmed through what you've written and I'm very interested in any information on William Wrighter Brannon and his decsendants. My family line is as follows: William Wrighter Brannon (ggggggrandfather), Lorenzo Dow Brannon (gggggrandfather), Olonzo JOhn Brannon (ggggrandfather), Grover Cleveland Brannon (gggrandfather), Charles Rollo Brannon (ggrandfather), Gene Alan Brannon (grandfather), Joel Douglas Brannon (father), Emily Michelle Brannon (Me)Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Emily, nice to "meet" you!

    All of the information I have is available to you online. Simply click the link "Brannon Family of West Virginia at left. It will take you to my online database on Rootsweb.

    Happy exploring!